Catering Menu

BBQ Hogs
Fresh Hog
50 lbs to 70 lbs$2.40/lb
71 lbs to 100 lbs$2.20/lb
101 lbs to 150 lbs$1.80/lb
151 lbs & Up$1.70/lb
Cured & Cooked Hog
50 lbs to 70 lbs$3.90/lb
71 lbs to 100 lbs$3.40/lb
101 lbs to 150 lbs$3.05/lb
151 lbs & UP$2.80/lb
Your Hog
Cured & Cooked$0.75/lb
Carrier Fee$35.00
Shredded Pork or Chicken
Serving size is 3 oz portions. Rolls are NOT included.
5#$27.00 (w/BBQ Sauce $30.00)
10#$51.00 (w/BBQ Sauce $58.00)
15#$73.00 (w/BBQ Sauce $82.00)
Roast Beef (Shredded or Sliced)
Serving size is 3 oz portions. Rolls are NOT included.
7.5#$75.00 (w/BBQ Sauce $80.00)
15#$135.00 (w/BBQ Sauce $145.00)
Smokehouse BBQ Seasoned Chicken
8 pc Cut up$1.15/piece
Shredded Turkey
Rolls are NOT included
20-25 people$55.00
Meats for Snacks
CT (count) = number of people
Wings100 ct$115.00
Meatballs in Sauce50 ct or 100 ct$35.00 or $65.00
BBQ Ribs100 ct$92.00
Popular Sides
CT (count) = number of people
Potato Salad40 ct$29.00
60 ct$44.00
Coleslaw50 ct$39.00
75 ct$58.00
Italian Pasta50 ct$49.00
75 ct$74.00
Macaroni Salad50 ct$40.00
75 ct$58.00
Fruit Salad25 ct$24.00
50 ct$46.00
Green Bean Supreme50 ct$46.00
Baked Beans25 ct$22.00
50 ct$40.00
Au Gratin or Scalloped Potatoes30 ct$42.00
45 ct$64.00
Miscellaneous Items
CT (count) = number of people
Veggie Tray25 ct$40.00
50 ct$80.00
Deluxe Tray (With Pickles & Olives)50 ct$100.00
Boneless Ham SlicesCall for Price
Swiss SteakCall for Price
Marinated or Plain Chicken BreastsCall for Price
Meat and Cheese TrayCall for Price
Cold CutsCall for Price
Tossed Salad with DressingCall for Price
Corn, CA Blend Veggies, Green BeansCall for Price
Mashed Potatoes & GravyCall for Price
Potato Rolls with or without ButterCall for Price
Place SettingsCall for Price
Regular DessertCall for Price
Deluxe DessertCall for Price
Punch, Coffee, TeaCall for Price