Retail Prices

Call us at (616) 754-6380 ahead of time and place your order. All prices are subject to change due to changes in market prices.
Half Beef Processed (300lbs Hanging)$3.35/lb
Front Quarter Processed (150lbs Hanging)$3.15/lb
Hind Quarter Processed (150lbs Hanging)$3.75/lb
Bone-In Chuck RoastSpecial Order
Boneless Chuck Roast$4.89/lb
Boneless Chuck Steak$4.89/lb
Prime Rib RoastCall for current price
Rib Steak (Bone In)$9.59/lb
Ribeye Steak (Boneless)$9.79/lb
Beef Ribs$2.59/lb
Soup Bones$2.89/lb
Flank Steak$5.89/lb
T-Bone Steak$9.79/lb
New York Strip Steak$7.29/lb
Whole Strip Loins (Cut and Wrapped)$6.29/lb
Top Sirloin Steak$6.29/lb
Sirloin Sizzler$6.29/lb
Cubed or Swiss Steak$5.99/lb
Rolled Roast$5.29/lb
Stew Meat$4.99/lb
Fajita Meat$4.89/lb
Ground Beef 95% Lean (less than 10 lbs)$4.29/lb
Ground Beef (less than 5 lbs)$3.49/lb
Hamburger (less than 5 lbs)$2.99/lb
Ground Beef Patties (less than 5 lbs)$4.39/lb
Whole Hog Processed (Cut, Wrapped & Frozen)$2.29/lb
Half Hog Processed (Cut, Wrapped & Frozen)$2.29/lb
Pork Loin Roast$2.09/lb
Shoulder Roast$2.69/lb
Pork Chops$2.59/lb
Smoked Pork Chops$3.49/lb
Pork Shoulder Steak$2.69/lb
Fresh Ham Roast$2.39/lb
Fresh Hock$1.89/lb
Pork Baby Back Ribs$5.89/lb
Spare Ribs$2.29/lb
Pre-Cooked Ribs$3.29/lb
Smoked Picnic$2.69/lb
Smoked Ham Whole (Hock On)$2.69/lb
Smoked Ham Roast$2.89/lb
Smoked Ham Steaks$2.99/lb
Smoked Hock$2.29/lb
Bacon (Less than 5 lbs)$4.79/lb
Cottage Bacon (Less than 5 lbs)$4.39/lb
1 lb Bags of Bulk Sausage (Less than 5 lbs)$3.19/lb
Link Sausage (Less than 5 lbs)$3.39/lb
Pattied Sausage (Less than 5 lbs)$3.39/lb
Ground Pork$2.89/lb
Side Pork$4.29/lb
Burger (Less than 5 lbs)$8.19/lb
Other Products
Elk Burger (Less than 5 lbs)CALL FOR AVAILABILITY
Ring Bologna$3.99/lb
Pickled Bologna$4.19/lb
English Bangers$3.69/lb
Hot Dogs$3.89/lb
Smoked Polish Sausage$3.89/lb
Marinated Chicken Breasts (Less than 4 lbs)$3.49/lb
Plain Chicken Breasts (Less than 4 lbs)$3.29/lb
Marinated Chicken Thighs (Less than 4 lbs)$2.79/lb
Leg Thigh Quarters$1.25/lb
Roast Beef (cold)$6.29/lb
Turkey (cold)$3.69/lb
Ham (cold)$3.59/lb