Custom Venison Charges
*retail sale of venison (deer) meat not available

NO Whole Deer Processing Due to CWD
Specialty Product Choices *MUST BE BONELESS & TESTED FOR CWD
Regular Jerky (Green Weight)$2.40/lb
Teriyaky Jerky (Green Weight)$2.40/lb
Hot Regular Jerky (Green Weight)$2.95/lb
Hot Teriyaki Jerky (Green Weight)$2.95/lb
Teriyaki Sticks (Green Weight)$2.40/lb
Snack Sticks (Green Weight)$2.40/lb
Hot Snack Sticks (Green Weight)$2.95/lb
Whole Muscle Jerky$5.60/lb
Regular Salami (2 lb pieces)$2.30/lb
Salami with Cheese (2 lb pieces)$2.60/lb
Salami with Jalapeno (2 lb pieces)$2.85/lb
Salami with Both (2 lb pieces)$2.85/lb
Summer Sausage (2 lbs pieces)$2.35/lb
Bulk Breakfast Sausage$1.25/lb
Link Sausage$1.60/lb
McRibs (BBQ Seasoned Patty)$1.60/lb
Meatloaf (Requires 8 lbs of Meat for 5 2/lb Packages)$14.30
Dried and Sliced Hind Quarter (per Leg)$20.00
Smoked and Sliced Hind Quarter (per Leg)$14.00
Meat for Burger Pricing *MUST BE BONELESS & TESTED FOR CWD
Ground Only
15 lbs or Less$12.00
OVER 15 lbs$0.80/lb
Ground and Packaged
15 lbs or Less$14.25
OVER 15 lbs$0.95/lb
Fat Added (Plus Grinding Fee)$1.00/lb
Ground Beef Added (Plus Grinding Fee)$3.99/lb
Hamburger Added (Plus Grinding Fee)$3.79/lb
Pork Sausage Added (Plus Grinding Fee)$2.99/lb
Ground Pork Added (Plus Grinding Fee)$2.99/lb